For Kido Cup 2014 the total price money will be more than 10.000 Euro again!

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Only -239 days left until the Kidocup 2014!


Form June 7th to 9th 2014 the
6th Kido Cup will be held. It is organised by the Go-Landesverband Hamburg and the Hebsacker Verlag. The total amount of money and material prizes will be
more than 10.000 Euro.

Kido Cup is modeled as a Korean multiple style Tournament - with a top group, and main tournament with special prices for women and youth players and children's tournament - generously sponsored by the Korean company Kido Industrial Co., Ltd., and supported by the Omikron Data Quality GmbHthe Hankuk Kiwon (Professional Players Association) and the KABA (Amateur Players Association).