Last update:
August 31. 2017 23:21:07

For Kido Cup 2015 the total price money will be about 10.000 Euro again. First price in the Top8 is 1.500 Euro!

Again this year, we will have a special Rengo Tournament at the Kido Cup with the Omikron Data Quality GmbH as a sponsor.
Only -227 days left until the Kidocup 2017!


There will be fourt strong professional players at the Kido Cup 2017. They will be there to play simultaneous games and to give game commentaries during the whole tournament.

Oh Kyu Chul, 9. Dan Pro
Born 1952, 1. Dan 1985, 9. Dan 2005.
Guest on EGC 1996, 2000 and 2004.
Yoon Young Sun, 8. Dan Pro
Born 1977, 1. Dan 1992, 5. Dan 2006, 8.Dan 2010.

Han Sang Yeon, 5. Dan Pro
Born 1948, 1. Dan 1969, 5. Dan 2000.

Lee So Yong, 6. Dan
Baduk studies at Myongji University, Baduk Caster for KBS, the Korean broadcasting agency.

Kang Na Yeon, 6. Dan
Well known amateur player, Master of Baduk at Myongji University, serveral activities in population Baduk